Trophy Sailfish

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Last week one of our fishing clients asked, what do you consider a trophy Sailfish? I thought about his question for a few seconds but really didn’t have a quick answer. I was aware the world record Sailfish weighed around 221 lbs, but catching a fish that size has become increasingly rarer. Another reason for not having a quick answer to his question was not knowing if my friend had caught a Sailfish in which he undoubtedly believed to be a trophy.
Logically the question posed could be answered very simply based on the healthlength, and weight of the sailfish, but I think there is more to it than just that.

I reflected back on past experiences, those perfect Cabo mornings heading out beyond lands end with the sun rising slowly up from the Sea of Cortez. The gentle breeze of the ocean on our faces making our way to the fishing grounds on the Pacific side. I am not alone, my Son Kaden who has just graduated from High School has joined me for his first deep sea fishing charter in Cabo, Mexico. The Skipper and First mate instructed us to keep our eyes on the horizon of the seahelping them spot Billfish on the surface. It wasn’t long before First mate David spotted two Sailfish a few hundred yards off the port side.

Fish on, I screamed as Kaden jumped up grabbing his fishing pole with both hands. The Sailfish made several acrobatic leaps into the air pulling line from the reel as it fought to be free.
My son was grinning ear to ear telling me over and over how awesome this experience was to him.
 The beautiful blue Sailfish was landed and brought onboard the boat for a quick photo shoot and then quickly released back into the water. The joy felt at that time is hard to express in words. I know my son Kaden, and myself will never forget the experience we had on that morning.

So what constitutes a trophy Sailfish. The answer is simple. The Sailfish should be healthy, and big, but you also need to consider the quality, and size of the smile on the face and or faces of all those involved in the experience of catching that trophy Sailfish.