First Time Fishing in Cabo

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First Time Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

My first visit to Cabo San Lucas was back in September of 2004. I remember walking to the Cabo Marina with a goal of securing a boat and crew to take me out on a fishing charter the following morning. I was completely out of my element having grown up in the Western United States in the mountains fishing on clear freshwater streams for trout. I had no experience at all fishing on the Ocean fishing for Billfish, Tuna, and Dorado.

The Cabo Marina is a very interesting place with a culture all of its own. As you walk up and down the pier be prepared for constant solicitation by locals to sell you almost anything and everything.  I wanted to be respectful and learn as much as I could that day on obtaining the best Skipper and boat for my money. I didn’t want to pay for a boat ride and not have a legitimate chance of catching any fish.

Here is a summary of what I learned that day and over the last 14 years fishing in Cabo San Lucas. The internet has made it possible to avoid searching for a charter like I had to 14 years ago. Now you can do your research online making your reservation weeks in advance to your arrival.

The best way to reserve a charter is to work with reputable charter companies. The internet has many websites where you can reserve a fishing charter prior to your arrival to Mexico. You can find reviews posted by past customers of online fishing charter companies on

To make sure that your specific expectations are met during your fishing trip, it’s important to make sure that the company you decide to charter your trip with offers a variety of charter options to choose from. If there are only one or two options, you may not even have the opportunity to get the experience that you want.
But if you have three or more options to choose from, chances are that you will find one that offers the type of fishing and the overall experience you are looking for.